The past with the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen

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Multi Ch. Xpreszo du Greffier du Roi “XAXO” : World youth Ch., Dutch, French, European, International Champion & Clubwinner’10’11

3 times Best Of Breed French Clubshow 2010 2011 2012  

     All under different judges!!

TOP DOG nr. 5 ALL BREEDS in Holland 2012 in only 5 shows !!

Brevet de Chasse-Très Bon 

Best of Breed Dutch Clubshow ’10 ’11 and Multiple Best in Show and Best in Group Winner!                                                                  


Xaxo- Bleijswijk 2011

Best in Show BGV Club UK 25th anniversary CC Clubshow xxxxx

xaxo males



Multi Ch. Parce Que du Greffier du Roi “PACO” Dutch youth Ch., Dutch Champion, VDH Sieger, EUR. Ch., Danish Ch., INT. Ch., World Ch., & Brevet de Chasse – Bon
Sardou ♥
Terre Brûlee du Greffier du Roi “SARDOU” Dutch Youth Ch.





Coeur de Vendée du Greffier du Roi ♥ “VENDÉE” Dutch Youth Ch.










Medaille d’Or du Greffier du Roi “MEDAILLE“; Dutch Youth Champion, Benelux Youthwinner in just 3 shows and Qualified for Crufts all at the age of 13 months.